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Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Baby Formula Lawsuits

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) baby formula lawyers are currently taking cases for families whose loved ones were born premature and given Enfamil, Similac or another brand of cow’s milk-based formula, only to develop this potentially life-threatening condition.

If your baby developed necrotizing enterocolitis and is experiencing life-long effects, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses.

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    Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Baby Formula Lawsuits

    Going back to the early 1990s, research shows that premature infants – often with vulnerable and underdeveloped digestive systems – are more likely to develop NEC when given a cow’s milk-based formula. Leading manufacturers, including Abbott Laboratories, Mead Johnson and Gerber, have been aware of these findings for years, yet made no motion to update the ingredients or add a warning label.

    In certain cases, these manufacturers marketed their products as a superior alternative to breast milk, influencing the care some neonatal professionals provide.

    Products involved in the NEC baby formula lawsuit include:

    • Similac Special Care
    • Similac Special Care High Protein
    • Similac Human Milk Fortifier
    • Similac Neosure
    • Similac Alimentum
    • Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier
    • Enfamil Enfacare Powder
    • Other cow’s milk-based formulas for premature infants

    More recent studies have established a link between the development of necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants given a cow’s milk-based baby formula. In response, children who have grown up experiencing related complications or parents who lived through this difficult ordeal, only to lose a child, have started filing lawsuits against manufacturers concerning their negligent, life-threatening practices.

    Do I Qualify For an NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit?

    Those more susceptible to developing necrotizing enterocolitis after being fed Similac, Enfamil or another cow’s milk-based baby formula include:

    • Premature babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy
    • Infants receiving enteral nutrition via a feeding tube
    • Infants weighing under 5.5 pounds at birth
    • Children born at hospitals with limited access to breast milk or fortified plant-based formulas
    • Children born within the past 20 years, during which research established a link between NEC and cow’s milk formula given to premature babies

    If your child was born premature, fed a cow’s milk-based formula and developed necrotizing enterocolitis, you may be eligible to participate in the NEC baby formula lawsuit.

    Litigation Concerning Infant Formulas and NEC

    Current NEC lawsuits pertaining to baby formula manufacturers Abbott, Mead Johnson and Gerber. Plaintiffs allege these and other infant formula manufacturers ignored multiple warnings from scientific research and continued to manufacture their products. They also heavily marketed these formulas to hospitals as nutritional solutions for preterm babies, superior to breast milk.

    In previous NEC lawsuits, plaintiffs alleged hospitals and doctors knew of these risks yet continued to give premature infants a cow’s milk-based formula, only for the child to develop necrotizing enterocolitis. In select cases, plaintiffs alleged medical professionals ignored early symptoms of NEC, only to identify the life-threatening condition when it was too late.

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